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Woman's Missionary Union

This calls us to surrender all that we have and place it before God. WMU is celebrating 125 of leadership in missions and seeks to build upon that foundation as we move into the future.

WMU will challenge individuals to live out the unconditional love of Christ by loving God with heart, soul and mind.

WMU will challenge individuals to engage others in authentic relationships that will lead to a deeper level of involvement in missions ministry, witness, giving and prayer.

WMU will challenge individuals to build bridges for the cause of Christ through a study of Scripture that will lead to a deeper level of commitment to missions involvement.

WMU seeks to inform and inspire Christian women to influence the world for Christ.

Association Missions Week

Association Missions Week is observed in May each year.

DRBC is a part of the Dover Association and our offering each May is used to help fund special mission work in the area above and beyond the normal operations of the association.

Here are some of the projects funded by the Leslie and Hazel Watson Associational Missions Offering:

Collegiate and Inner Cities Ministries

Baltimore Partnership and Church Planting in South Africa

Boaz and Ruth, Housing, Family and Medical Ministries

Alaska Resort, Raceway and Summer Ministries

Jail Ministries

Benevolent Ministries

Ministry of Ministers and their Families

Muslim Ministry and Partnership Mission Scholarships

Alma Hunt Mission Offering

Alma Hunt Mission Offering for State Missions is received during September each year.

This year's theme is GOD MOMENTS EVERYWHERE which is based on I Thessalonians 1:4. For we know, brothers loved by God, that He has chosen you. (NIV)

Alma Hunt Mission Offering

We seek to teach missions as well as go on missions for Christ in our community.

Our meetings are held in the fellowship hall at 11:30 am on the 2 nd Thursday of each month.

If you have any question about W. M U. Please e-mail Mrs. D. Anderson.